• JessicaRHaggy

Boots and Blooms

Everyone delights in the intricate , bold beauty of the flower yet they lift their noses in disdain at the muddy work boots that sit beside them.

But listen and listen well - there are no blooms without boots.

The ground must be worked, the hole dug, the seed planted then tended carefully each day from the first moment of its tender sprout till the last moment when the petals fall to the ground below.

It takes work. It takes dedication. It takes commitment.It takes willingness to get down in the dirt, to pull the weeds and to prune back any bloom that has been found dead instead of developed.

People think if they find the correct churchy couture fashion, if they climb up into the right Christian circle and hide their scars behind the perfect Pentecostal filter that they will instantly bloom into the glorious destiny God has for them.

But to truly bloom will take more than a pair of heels- it’ll take a pair of boots.

It’ll take more than the clapping acrylic hands of peers - it’ll take mud up under your nails from pulling up the weeds of your soul.

It will take sacrifice. It will take dying to your flesh. It will take holiness, humility and a desperate hunger for the things of God; for His Word, prayer , worship - His presence.

I want to encourage you today to lace up your spiritual work boots, step out by faith into the mud and start plowing, pulling, planting, pruning and producing the beauty that is the redeemed life of one bought by the blood of Jesus Christ.

And by the way : DO NOT be detoured by those seeming to get ahead quick with little work or price paid - keep your attitude right , your focus on Jesus and your work boots on because flowers that bloom out of season never survive, it’s the one who waits for its time that thrives and weathers every temperature shift.

The process produces strength to endure beautifully while blooming boldly and the process is foreverwalked out in muddy boots.

Get ya boots on baby,it’s time to bloom.

All my love,


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