• JessicaRHaggy

Transparency VS Vulnerability

Vulnerability is hard. It’s scary. It’s not natural for a lot of us. It’s a learning curve. It’s messy. It’s tears. It’s difficult conversation. It’s your heart and all it’s broken, weak pieces laid bare in hopeful trust. It isn’t easy. Not at all.

But something I’m starting to learn : It is worth it.

Choose vulnerability - with God and your people.

That place is the only place where wholeness is found. Nothing is fixed that can’t be touched. It can be sympathized with & felt sorry for - but healed? That only happens in nearness when walls come down and love comes close.

Make the right choice. Don’t cheap out. Choose courage. Choose vulnerability.

Choose to be made whole .

This is the work. It’s not as glamorous as the show of transparency but the results of the work of vulnerability are what you’ll go home with at the end of the night when the show is over.

Do the work.

It’s worth it. You’re worth it. His grace will give you the strength to do it.

Just say yes ❤️



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