• JessicaRHaggy

Welcomed and Wanted

The door is open - come in and take a seat.

You , my darling, have found a community that believes in the ability of love-motivated words to heal, affirm and create when written in the ink of honor, carefully crafted with the inflection of identity and published by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I welcome you, whole heartedly I welcome you, to this safe space that speaks out loud what every human soul longs to hear and every heart is desperate to have confirmed ; the words will be said in a variety of ways over a plethora of subjects but ultimately the message will forever remain the same:

You are loved. You are wanted. You are strong and you are His. Always, no strings attached. Your place at this table is non-negotiable, your position in this family unrivaled and your worth inherited, there’s no need to belong here.

And we are so happy to have you with us - a part of us.

What a privilege, what a joy.

Please take your coat off and stay a while.

We have a lot to talk about.

With Open Arms,


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